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Add Racing Tickets to your shopping cart

Non-USSA Race Entry @ $70 each

USSA Race Entry @ $63 each


Add shirts to your shopping cart

Short Sleeve

Small @ $15 each

Medium @ $15 each

Large @ $15 each

ExtraLarge @ $15 each

Extra Extra Large @ $17 each

Long Sleeve

  • 100% polyester wicking material
  • Small Summerset logo on front
  • Summerset artwork on back

Small Long-Sleeve @ $25 each

Medium Long-Sleeve @ $25 each

Large Long-Sleeve @ $25 each

Extra Large Long-Sleeve @ $25 each

Extra Extra Large Long-Sleeve @ $28 each


Raffle Tickets

Add Raffle tickets to your shopping cart

Sunday, Oct. 6th: Raffle Ticket Drawing

  • Tickets will be on sale throughout the weekend.
  • Or, you may purchase tickets in advance right here on the Summerset Regatta website!

Add One Raffle Ticket $5.00 each

Add Three Raffle Tickets $10.00 each

Add Seven Raffle Tickets $20.00 each